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Sustainable Packaging and Shipping

Sustainable Pakacing

The transport industry is the largest contributor to global warming, so it doesn’t make sense to deliver a sustainable product in a single use plastic bag, via conventional delivery services, when it’s our goal to be a carbon negative brand.

We're proud that our garments are packed and delivered with minimal environmental impact - our Re-loved HQ is powered by 100% renewable energy!

We minimise packaging for a lot of our products by avoiding individual wrapping (tote bags, beanies, lanyards etc).

We only use biodegradable satchels made from corn starch, thanks to our friends at Hero Packaging and Heaps Good.

Biodegradable packing tape and shipping labels also help deliver your goods in the most sustainable way possible.

We are proud to offer you fast, cost effective and 100% carbon neutral shipping. Partnering with Shippit, we can offer our clients a customised checkout process that allows you to select the freight provider that best suits your location, deadline, and budget.

They also offset 100% of the carbon emissions that are generated through shipping and transports.

This fully integrated tool automatically calculates the best rates, shipping lead times, and provides user-friendly tracking tools that assure you a reliable and convenient shipping experience.

Carbon Neutral Delivery