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Sustainable fabrics

We exclusively use sustainable fabrics in all our products

Recycled Polyester (rpet)

So what's the deal with rPET?

rPET, or recycled polyester offers a sustainable solution by recycling and re-loving single use plastic bottles, that would otherwise end up in landfill or in our oceans. These discarded bottles can be cleaned, melted down, turned into pellets, turned into yarn and then made into new consumable products.

In the promotional industry, where polyester-based products are in high demand and show no signs of slowing down, rPET plays a crucial role.

The production process of making rPET reduces energy consumption by 35-50%, uses approximately 20% less water, and reduces C02 emissions by between 70-79% when compared with regular production.

By reducing the reliance on virgin polyester, we contribute to energy and resource conservation while actively reducing pollution in our oceans - we're really proud to be apart of that!

At Re-loved we exclusively use rPET in our polyester based products, such as our lanyards, sublimated products and our Classic Sustainable T-shirts and Polos - which are a polyester/cotton blend and are super comfy.

On average, a Re-Loved Apparel t-shirt uses 8 plastic bottles per shirt (based on a large) and that’s something we are excited about!

When you purchase from us, we’ll let you know how many plastic bottles you’re saving from being dumped in landfill.

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Organic Cotton

The production process of making 1 t-shirt from regular cotton uses a staggering 2700 litres of water compared with only 271 litres of water to make an organic cotton t-shirt.

That’s 91% less water used to make an organic cotton t-shirt.

Organic cotton also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 46% simply by using fewer mechanised farming practices and not using nitrous dioxide releasing fertilisers and pesticides.

The absence of harmful chemicals reduces water pollution and improves soil generation.

We understand that our soil and forests are important too, that’s why we have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees on behalf of your orders.

Cotton is a very highly demanded commodity, used in a lot of apparel garments, and so to grow it, farmers often use artificial ways to grow more of it and faster.

So what makes it organic?

Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides, fertilisers or harsh chemicals - which is better for the earth, and your skin.

As a brand we have made a commitment to only using organic
cotton in our cotton based products instead of conventional cotton.

Check out our range of 100% Organic Cotton Event Tote Bags here.

Wheat Straw

Wheat straw is considered highly sustainable due to its renewable nature. Unlike traditional plastic materials, which rely on fossil fuels, wheat straw is a plant-based resource that doesn't deplete non-renewable resources.

We offer a more sustainable alternative, to the usual plastic clip at the nape of your neck with our Wheat Straw Lanyard and Wheat Straw Release Buckle Lanyard.

Wheat Straw is also naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odour

To create wheat straw products, the stalks are typically dried, cleaned, and then processed into a durable material that can be used for various applications, including safety buckle attachments for lanyards. This process involves converting the natural fibres of wheat straw into a versatile and eco-friendly material.