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At Re-loved Apparel, our mission is clear: to reduce the clothing industry's environmental impact on our planet and make sustainable products the new standard


Re-loved Apparel is Australia’s first and only wholesale apparel and merchandise supplier 100% committed to producing premium quality certified sustainable products.

The brand was born when founder Jay Walton realised the clothing industry is the 3rd largest contributor to global warming. As an indigenous man with a close connection to country, Jay decided to merge his passion for fashion and his environmental ethics to create a brand committed to offering environmentally conscious consumers sustainable alternatives when looking for branded promotional uniforms and merchandise.

At Re-loved, we understand that the Global environmental crisis humanity is facing can feel like a problem too big for any single individual to make a noticeable difference, however…. If you think about how many products a promotional company sells in a week, month or year, these businesses have a unique opportunity to make a huge environmental impact simply by ordering products made from sustainable fabrics which recycle and “re-love” plastic waste into shiny new products, instead of ordering “old school products” that add to the planet’s environmental problems.

Every single product produced by Re-loved Apparel is made from certified sustainable fabrics in state of the art production facilities which all comply with international non-slavery and ethical standards, meaning you can be confident our products aren’t just sustainable, they are made in factories with high ethical and professional standards.

However, sustainability doesn’t stop at producing sustainable products in flashy factories.

Re-loved Apparel operates using a full circle sustainable business model starting with 100% renewable energy to power our warehouse.

We also package all of our products in biodegradable packaging, and we deliver each and every order using carbon neutral delivery, plus we plant trees for every product we sell. Check out how many trees your purchase will plant here.

Clothing and merch shouldn't cost the Earth, so help us spread the love for sustainable apparel and sign up as a registered Re-lover / reseller today.

The problem with the clothing and fashion industry. Image of plastic bottles. Pollution

The clothing industry is the 3rd highest contributor to global warming, producing 10% of the planets C02 emissions.

Why? Because the standard production process of the two most popular fabrics in the industry; cotton and polyester.

Cotton production uses over 250 billion litres of water every year, meaning it takes a staggering 2700 litres of water to product 1 cotton t-shirt. The cotton industry also produces over 220 million tons of C02 every year and the dying of cotton produces harmful chemicals that pollute the worlds rivers and oceans.

Polyester is made through a chemical reaction involving coal, petroleum (from crude oil), air and water.

Polyester production has a lower environmental impact that cotton production in terms of water and land usage, however, the energy required to produce polyester make it a high-impact process. If the polyester industry grows as predicted, by 2050 it could use more than 26% of the carbon budget associated with a 2-degree pathway.

Australia’s only 100% sustainable wholesale supplier. Our full circle of sustainability offers you with high-quality garments that don’t cost the earth.

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