How Many Trees We've Planted

Reforesting the Australian Bushland one tree at a time

If you're an avid Re-lover, you'll already know that we plant trees when you place an order with us.

We're still tight with our mates @ One Tree Planted, the real MVPs doing the planting while we hustle in the office to keep the tree-planting party going strong. Why? 'Cause One Tree Planted specifically plant their trees in the Australian bushland.

We did the number crunching, and from the start of Re-loved until the end of 2024, we've planted over 6000 trees. Wrap your head around that – 6000 trees. It might sound massive (and it is), but sometimes it's tricky to imagine what that forest of good vibes really looks like.

Check out the images above and to the right – snapshots from an art installation in Austria from 2019. They brought in 300 trees and planted them smack in the middle of a football stadium. This means that with our 6000 trees so far, that's like greening up 20 entire football stadiums in Australia, and we couldn't have done it without you.

Our mission to reforest Australia is ongoing, and let's not forget – it's not just about the trees. We're also providing homes for Aussie animals.

Place an order today, and you can see exactly how many trees your order will plant. Each product has its own tree-planting count (which you can view here).

We're committed to keeping this tree planting momentum going and have no plans to hit the breaks anytime soon.

Bangalow Koalas, situated in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia, receives trees from One Tree Planted.

This hits close to home for Re-loved, headquartered on the Gold Coast. It's super exciting for us to think that some of the 6000 trees we've planted could be growing right here.